VSpace - Virtual Spaces MWN - DM2E Edition

Virtual Spaces is a tool to create virtual exhibitons of real and conceptual spaces. Originally it was developed to generalise the experiences MPIWG made with the creation of the Virtual Exhibiton of the Einstein Exhibition in Berlin (the version based on virtual spaces is available at A detailed description of the tool can be found at

Virtual Spaces MWN has been extended with the help of DM2E funded by the European Union to directly communicate with the Europeana repository.

The source code of the base version is hosted by SourceForge! See:

How to use the DM2E extension is documented here: Europeana Module. A more extensive tutorial of virtual spaces can be found here:

The executable of the DM2E extension can be downloaded from here:

A small demo of the virtual spaces that uses resources from Europeana can be found here:

A larger demo showcasing the collections of all data providers to Europeana can be found here:

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