Ideas for a query interface

Original outline of faceted browser (2013)

Faceted browser

We have a result box with all the objects and apply a filter to get another result.

Filters could be

  • contains text (in any attribute)
  • contains text in a specific attribute
  • has certain object type
  • is directly related (to the (selected) objects)
    • select relation type
    • not selecting anything and creating another column gives everything 2nd degree related
  • is indirectly related(?)

The result box is divided by object type.

  • clicking on an object type selects the type as a filter

Unfolding the object type shows the selected instances.

  • clicking on the instance selects the instance

It should be possible to select attributes to display in the columns. (Default own-value?)

Some objects would have more complex display rules, e.g. Witness showing author and title (from text).

Result box types:

  • table with one object per row, one column per attribute (configurable?)
  • list with more complex display of objects (witness with title and author)
  • graph
    • requires relations to be selected to be displayed
  • map(?)
  • chart(?)

The query should be saved.

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