Setup of Openmind

In order to extend or to fix the ismi-server, we must previouly setup the openmind-project. Follow the following steps to setup this project:

  1. Checkout the source code
    svn co

and change into the openmind directory

  1. Install the framework called „hashMapping“ in your local maven repository.
    mvn install:install-file -Dfile=~/openmind/lib/hashMapping.jar -DgroupId=cl.talca -DartifactId=hashMapping -Dversion=1.0 -Dpackaging=jar
  1. Install the openmind framework in your local maven repository.
    mvn install

Setup of ISMI-Server

Now, you will be able to setup the ismi-server.

  1. Checkout the source code:
    svn co

and change into the ismi-richfaces directory

  1. Database Setup

The ismi server stores the data in a mysql database. The connection to the database is configured in src/main/resources/hibernate.cfg.xml.

  1. URLs for local deployment

Some URLs used by the AJAX frontend are hard-coded in the sources. To run a local development instance you need to change the rest_url variable in src/main/webapp/imageServer/resources/js/diva4ismi.js.

  1. Run ismi-server:
    mvn tomcat7:run 
  1. Release:
    mvn clean package


On the code projects 'openmind' and 'ismi-richfaces' are checked out in the directory /usr/local/java/src/.

Updates and deployment steps should be performed as root user.

  1. Database configuration.

Before we generate the distributable war file of the ISMI web application, we have to check that the file hibernate.cfg.xml contains a valid MySQL account.

  1. The first step of the deployment is the compilation of the source code and the generation of the distributable war file. The following command will generate a webapp folder and a war file called 'ismi-richfaces-1.0.war' within the folder target of the project:
    cd /usr/local/java/src/ismi-richfaces
    mvn package
  1. Currently, ISMI is running on In order to deploy the war file, you should copy it into your tomcat distribution. For ismi, you should execute following command:
    rsync -auv /usr/local/java/src/ismi-richfaces/target/ismi-richfaces-1.0/ /usr/local/java/ismi-tomcat/webapps/om4-ismi/

It is worth noting that until now we call the ISMI web application 'om4-ismi', therefore we renamed the webapp folder from 'ismi-richfaces-1.0' to 'om4-ismi'.

  1. Sometimes tomcat has problem trying to redeploy an application. For this reason, I suggest to restart tomcat, always when a new application is deployed.

For this, you can run following command:

service tomcat restart

If this command does not run successfully, you can get the process id to kill it with this command: 'ps aux | grep tomcat'.

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