Components of the Webpresentation of the Manuscripts

Prototyp: (After discussion 26. June 2009)

  • Access via ECHO and via ISMI website at MPIWG
  • Manuscripts presented in ECHO-Standard Viewer / digilib
  • Biographies

For each document will be created:

  • Bibliographical Metadata (ISMI- Database format)
  • Scholarly Metadata / Descriptive text of the manuscript, document produced with OpenOffice?, TextEditor?, Word ec..., hyperlinks from the text to the manuscript are created by the linking facilities of digilib and put into the text as hyperlink
  • Transcription of the first page
  • Translation of the first page
  • Links to biographies where ever possible
  • In long term transcriptions / transliterations of larger parts of the document

As first step there will be a prototype created.

In future all manuscripts will be linked to the new ISMI DB.

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