Update Drupal pages from OpenMind?

The Drupal (red website) pages have to be updated with the data from the OpenMind? ISMI instance.

  1. run the entity import feed openmind_codex (type openmind_feed) in Drupal (direct link)
  2. run Python converter script on the Drupal server
    • python3 /var/www/drupal/src/drupalISMI/importFromOpenMind/importer/
  3. it generates a bunch of files in /tmp/ismi_data
  4. run the feed importers on the generated files
    • find all entity importers in content via type open_mind_feeder_file and import the files
    • find all relation importers in content via type ismi_relation_feed_file and import the files
  5. call the php script openmindattribute_addCodexIDs() (via /drupal-ismi/devel/php)
  6. call the php script openmindattribute_addBioIDs() (via /drupal-ismi/devel/php)
  7. call the php script openmindattribute_addIDbibliographieID() (via /drupal-ismi/devel/php)
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