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This wiki should help us keep track of the concepts developed so far and is also a base for discussion.
It should be checked and updated regularly by anyone who partakes in the developement of the website.

e4D related Developments

A visualisation and of administrative data


Rules for editing the Wiki

Please respect the following rules, should you ever edit anything in the Wiki:

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Developement Branches

Application Material and Projects


  • workspace - a workspace is a set of blocks chosen by the user in an order chosen by the user. A workspace can be given a name, it can be saved and restored.
  • dependency - in this context, dependency of one object to another means that changes made to one of them can directly transfer to the other.
  • Table - consists Table definition (number and labels of columns) and Table data. No dependencies to other Tables etc.
  • View - a set of rules that combines multiple Tables into one (visually) Table-like structure. Directly dependend on Tables.
  • mappable - every Table or View that contains or is associated with valid geographic data
  • Compiled View - conversion of a view into a Table, thus becoming independent of the original tables.
  • Published Table - a Table, that can only be viewed or used for Views, or deleted, but not changed. If it is necessary to have the possibility to change a published table anyway, maybe a versioning functionality could be included that allows to create successive versions of the same table.
  • Blocks - the visual window-like units the workspaces will consist of. Every Table, View, Map etc. will be displayed in it's own block. A block has a Title Bar, Menu Bar and a Body

IT-related Definitions and Terms

  • LIST defines a one-dimensional array of data
  • TABLE defines a two-dimensional array of data with DATASETs as rows and ATTRIBUTEs as columns
  • VIEW defines a view of a query. The view is not physically materialized. Instead, the query is run every time the view is referenced in a query.
  • PRIMARY KEY is an unique identifier attribute for a dataset in a table and can be used to relate to a SECONDARY KEY attribute in another table.

User-related Definitions and Terms



MPIWG has its own GeoServer:

Documentation for the GeoServer: MPIWG_GeoServer?

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