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This is the wiki for the XML Workflow Service subproject within the cooperative project between the MPIWG and MPDL. The other subproject is the Software Development Project. Please check also the project page on the MPIWG homepage.

The project could be continued from 2012-2015 with support of the European Union financed project DM2E and by the BMBF project TextGrid. DM2E allowed the continuation on the work of the online workflow tool and TextGrid the work on the Standards for transcriptions.

DM2E also helped to create a new extension of pundit. The MPIWG text tools can now be used to annotate texts on a web page with linguistic terms. More can be found here.

Main achievements of this subproject are

Overview pages

  1. Workflow and Policy documents
  2. DE_Specs
  3. Schema
  4. Texts
  5. Unicode and Typography
  6. Useful_Documents

Data entry

The Data Entry Specs can be found here (some old versions are here).

Pictures of the data entry can be found here.


Scholars have also begun to encode text themselves by directly typing XML. The first project to do so is the Harriot project. For this purpose, there are also guidelines how to start with writing documents in XML as well as a Manual for installing a working environment.

Link to the project mailing list. For meeting protocols, check the ProtocolIndex. The protocol of the meeting with the MPDL (Nov 2008) can be found here.

An overview of the results so far.

You want to file a bug or request a feature? Go here.

Take a short tour through our repository

Arboreal's source code and wiki

Workflows and integration with eSciDoc here.

The workflow for updating ECHO xml-documents (especially: aligning the xml to new images)

Information about attended Workshops

Our book recommendations.

We are also working on annotations

Visit the archive.

Documentation about trac

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.

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